Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Finished, Or So I Thought

Potamogeton Rising
67" x 48"
Sharon V. Rotz

There I was sewing on the rod pocket. All that was left was stitching on the label. I finally got to the end of this project. You have been watching and know it has been dragging on for a lengthy time period. (Of, course, I couldn't leave the center empty like I last mentioned.)

I layered the border over the quilt center and stitched in the ditch to attach the border. A little measuring and a chalk line to keep things straight and it was a pretty simple application. The piece truly looks like it was "framed".

So now, I'm done.

Well, like so many times in the past, God has other plans for me. He plants little seeds in my head. I try to ignore them because I'm DONE. These little seeds start to grow and I can't chase them away. Finally, I give in and I'm NOT done.

In this case, it meant sewing small beads all the way around the quilt border like tiny air bubbles in the water. Did I mention, I refer to Potamogeton by its nickname Pondweed?

Tomorrow I will post the finished, finished quilt. Or at least I think so, God willing.

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