Thursday, November 19, 2009

What is your plan for the day? Today will be another multi-quilting day for me. I am beading on an art quilt, hand quilting a wall hanging and assembling a quilted bag. (I can't show pictures, one might be for you!) I love having several projects going at the same time. When I stumble on one, or my eyes give out, I can switch to another with renewed enthusiasm.

Are you a multi-quilter or do you stick with one plan until you're done? Bravo to you, if you can go start to finish without looking at another project!


  1. My plan for the day is to go the gym, work on cleaning my sewing room (sew I can quilt), and attending a quilting class this afternoon.

    Unfortunately I am a mega-multi-quilter. I wish I could stick with one plan, but I usually have too many things going on. My UFO list is too large, so I'm currently able to focus on things on this list and am doing well to not start any new projects!


  2. I'm not a multi-quilter by choice. I get tense when I have more than one project going at once and right now because I have so many started - I'm not doing anything - don't know what to work on. I love to finish a quilt before I start on something new.


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