Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Contemplating Backgrounds

How much time do you spend contemplating the background fabric for your projects? 
Setting the stage for showing off your designs and quilting, 
the background can become a major player in your quilt.

I auditioned many backgrounds for my project. 
Should I go dark? 
Dark is always dramatic.

What about a totally white background? 
That would certainly show off my quilting.

 What about a neutral?
  A neutral grey, certainly not my first choice, became my best choice. 
Another instance that proves to me that I shouldn't be shortsighted 
and try even the "wrong" fabrics. 

This blue/grey batik shows off my design fabrics without competing with them. 
It seems to suit better than the stark contrast of a black or white fabric.

But, now I am questioning...
Is it a bit too boring?
Should I do something to make this background become a bit more interesting?

I pieced together strips of similar fabrics and 
placed them over my batik.
Will this up the look of my background
without becoming overpowering?

Should I cut my background and 
insert the pieced sections?

Time for a bit of contemplating..........


  1. I like a light pieced background. I did one recently for "A Crown Of Beauty Instead"

  2. Did you try seeing how they look against a blue? Might make them pop.

  3. Sometimes I need to let a project 'marinate' overnight on my design wall, then I take a family poll. lol. Usually I go with my first impulse.

  4. Julie, I lik your pieced background. It really adds interest.
    Sylvia, blue is a fabulous choice and I've used it successfully in several quilts. I wanted to go in a different direction this time. You have to try new ideas.
    You are so right about leaving a project marinate and then come back with fresh eyes.
    Thank you all for the wonderful suggestions.


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