Friday, September 26, 2014

Yes, I Want to Sew But.....

Yes, I want to sew but, 
I have walked into a magical world and I am enchanted.

I am pulled in by the brilliance of the colors.

Were they really hiding there all summer covered by a mask of green?

Yes, I would love to attempt to duplicate this beauty in an artwork
 but I can't draw myself away from this feast for my eyes.

I do have ideas to share with you. 
Believe me, I tried.

 But until the leaves fall, the ground turns brown and the skies are gray, 
each day will be an ongoing struggle to face my sewing machine.

Today, may you soak up the beauty 
and rejoice in the world God created.


  1. How can you think of sewing with that outside your doors? Fall is my favorite time of year, but we've had such a dry summer the New England foliage won't be much. My sister lives in St. Croix Falls - she is sending similar pictures to me. I'm SO envious! I miss the Midwest and fall is the most homesick time of the year for me. Thanks for sharing such lovely photos.

  2. Oh my...what beauty!!! Thanks for sharing! It's hard to capture some of the color(s) but you did a great job!

  3. I'm so happy to share these wonderful colors. Each day I am amazed at the beauty.


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