Friday, August 8, 2014

Why are You Cutting Strips?

Have you been busy cutting strips? 
Are you getting ready to sew an amazing new quilt top?  

I, too, have been cutting fabric strips. 
Strips and more strips. 

But these strips were not for another quilting project
 but for braiding a fun and colorful purse. 

The pink and blue vivid, graphic fabric is a diva in itself
 but comes in second to the chunky pink yarn I have incorporated in this bag.

A little bling on the center and strap provides a finishing touch.

And on I went........

For this second bag, I've used a eye-catching purple print 
with a never-shy chartreuse print.
I've also added a chunky yarn in this bag.

In the detail, you can see the braided strap attached with a bold button.

This bags are showy and are certain to take center stage.


  1. They are great? Is this your creation or a pattern you are using?

  2. Thank you for your comment, Shirlee. These bags are my designs, variations of bags I designed for the booklet, "BraidCraft, Designer Bags and Totes" available through me or Herrschners, Inc.


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