Saturday, August 30, 2014

One Lizard, Then Two, Three, Oh My!

Linda bought a new piece of jewelry, a charming lizard pin. 
Her friend saw it and bought her a second lizard 
and the ball started rolling. 
Now there are lizards on Linda's walls and framing her door. 
She even has a new lizard nightgown.

It seems everyone has a collection. 

Mine seems to be rickrack. 
I started like so many others with a package or two in my sewing studio. 
Then my mother cleaned out her sewing area and gave me a good supply. 

Hoping to use it and not store it, I incorporated it into some projects.

There it is, 
the suggestion that I love rickrack. 
I'm not saying that I don't. 
It has a certain appeal to me.

 But, the ball is now rolling. 

My sister, knowing that I found uses for rickrack gave me a box full.  

Maybe I shouldn't have used any of it, but I did

 and now received a bag full from a friend. 

 It is growing on me. 
Perhaps soon they will be calling me the Queen of Rickrack.

1 comment:

  1. i remember rickrack! in high school i sewed some to the bottom of my bell sleeved hot orange blouse, i was a home EC major after all.
    wow, you have a fine collection going! i imagine sewing strips together somehow like we do with those selvages and then making some thing...else!


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