Friday, July 11, 2014

Sketching Lilies

I can't get those brilliant lilies out of my mind.
I find myself sketching them in various "poses".

Surely, I am captivated by their beauty.

Do I really need to transfer these ideas to fabric

 or am I satisfied with just drawing them?

But, I do have those perfect fabrics all ready to cut and sew.



  1. so, what will you do? The sketches are really good, lots of movement. LEeAnna Paylor

  2. I blew off this year's Lily festival art show but now that I see yours it kinda gets me in the mood for them. I tend to do one lily quilt a year!

  3. Beautiful sketches Sharon - you can wait until you feel like turning them into a quilt - they won't go away!

  4. I appreciate your comments. They do keep me going strong. I especially like Hilary's thought giving me permission to slide off in a different direction and come back later.


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