Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Going In vs. Coming Out of My Brain

Apparently the information that goes into my brain does not translate into my projects. 

After enjoying the beauty of the lilies and thinking about nothing but lilies, 
I end up with purple shapes. 
No way do these even remotely look like my orange lilies. 

I did start with a muslin foundation cut into a shape. 
After stitching on a multitude of different fabrics, I trimmed the edges adding my seam allowance. 
I used an "Add-a-Quarter" ruler and moved it along the edge 
continually turning it to follow the shape.

The trimmed piece is now ready to piece to another section.

I did get into my orange fabric and combined several pieces on this piece.

Into my brain go lilies, out come pod shapes. 

We'll see where these lead. 

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