Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Love Those Skills

The wonderful part of learning sewing and quilting skills is that you can use those techniques in so many different ways. Aside from the wall art that I have been making, I can travel off in another direction at a blink of any eye.

I layered a lovely green batik with a piece of batting and a backing 
and set up my machine for quilting.

After quilting the fabric, I cut it into pieces for a small purse. 
I adapted the directions from quilting instructor Wendy Rieves' pattern 
for "Wendy's Essentials Purse". 

I used the batik for the back of the purse.

The front was cut from a hand-dyed fabric. 
There was a soft image on the hand-dyed that I enhanced 
with quilting and then added the beading.

Now I have the perfect little bag to match my wardrobe. 
My walls won't be the only thing with a new spring look.


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