Thursday, May 22, 2014

Double Pop

After making my poppies, I tried them on my busy background. The light reflection of the satin weave fabric along with the large area of solid color seem to outshine the background. I think this will work. At least, I will continue on.

I also tried narrow strips of fabric that I printed with a handmade stamp. I like the balance and the interest that these bring to the project.

To add life to my flowers they needed to be connected to the earth. Of course, stems could be drawn out and carefully planned. Or you can fly free and simply cut.

This will work.

Adding the stems and buds and appliquéing them in place.

My completed project. 
Did I accomplish my mission to subdue the diva background?


  1. Absolutely, you did an amazing job, I had my doubts about the background. The strips are a wonderful accent too. Beautiful !!


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