Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Adding Hand Stitching and Beading

After a good start last week, this week I'm adding hand stitching with embroidery floss.

With a layer of batting behind the fabric to stabilize it, it is easy to stitch without a hoop. By going beyond the lines created by the stamp, I am getting a feeling of perspective.

Simple running stitch adds interest to the sky area.

Now its on to my attempt to trap my lovely slice of agate. Maybe inexperience is as asset, as I plunge ahead and stitch random rows of beads across the agate.

It's Trapped!! It doesn't have a way to escape. What fun!

Now more and more beads??

What comes next?

Any suggestions?


  1. Oh! This is really cool! I like how you showed the progression of your piece. I'm thinking its done:-)

  2. I agree....this is VERY COOL!!!!! Love the texture the hand stitches provide

  3. Love, love , love the way this is turning out.


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