Thursday, October 27, 2011

The Stitches Go In, The Stitches Come Out!

This was definitely not part of the plan. Normally, I don't plan to stitch my quilting designs and then spent the next day pulling out all of my stitching. But it was one of those days!

I was working on the quilting for my broken star quilt when my bobbin thread ran out. (No, I didn't quilt on and on without thread, that story was part of another day's trauma. Now that I look at the situation, it would have solved today's issue.)

Back to today, I replaced the bobbin and continued on, quilting merrily around my quilt. I had a good section marked and I was "in the zone" as I stitched and day-dreamed on and on. I finished up the section and turned the quilt over. Yes, there was the problem. The tension as off and the bobbin thread was too tight and all of my stitches were pulling to the back.

Now, I know.  I should have checked after a few stitches, but I didn't and so I pay the price. I am sitting here taking out all of my stitching. I am sitting here telling myself that I should listen to my own good advice.

Seems it's another case of leading by example. (Bad example!)

How do teachers know the good ways to get things done? Could it possibly be because.....    possibly............... just maybe...........they've found out the hard way!

Tomorrow, I will be quilting again. And this time, since I will have had all that practice, my stitches should be perfect!!!


  1. It kind of ranks right up there with accidently dropping a wet painting paint side down in the dirt and grass. I feel your pain.


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