Monday, October 24, 2011

A Failure or Not?

Can sketching improve your quilting?

Recently in a moment of great motivation, I tried adding blue paint (dye) to some card stock. I'm sure I had a fabulous plan in my head. 

Actually, I used Dye-na-flow paints which I had purchased for fabric. But in the moment, you go with what is within your reach.

Needlessly, things did not go as planned. Adding paint and water, and then there was coloring running is strange and unexpected directions. No, no, no, not the plan. 

(I'm sure that has never happened in your life but constantly happens to me.)

After thinking this project was a failure, I later picked up my black Sharpie marker and started drawing using the blue shapes for inspiration. I had no expectations and no pressure to achieve because in my mind this already was a failed project.. Just fun playing and seeing what will happen next.

Will this exercise help my quilting? I think it will, because projects are never a failure, they are just projects not yet completed.

1 comment:

  1. I always love your sketches and doodles! They have similar qualities to your quilted art pieces.


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