Thursday, October 29, 2009

The Joy of Quilting Friendships

Maybe its the dark days or the rainy weather, but I've been stalling out on quilting lately. I have a project near completion but it just wasn't getting done. Yesterday, our small quilting group got together and worked on quilts to donate. During our time together, we not only create lovely quilts to share with others but we share our lives. I always come away with renewed enthusiasm and can't wait until our next meeting.

Quilting is not about creating perfect stitches, its about creating perfect friendships.

Now I'm off to complete my project. Life is fine today.


  1. Good morning Sharon - how nice to see your blog! And how well stated about quilting friendships. Our recent retreat had the same effect on me. I belong to Pine Tree Quilters and enjoyed your presentation on serging quilts. I don't own a serger but because of your program on Tuesday, saw new ways to embellish and add unique features to future projects. Know how busy you are, but hope you can visit my blog - I treasure each comment. Enjoy your happy day!
    Pat in the Northwoods of Wisconsin

  2. I'm so glad you enjoyed my serging presentation. I always am hope to inspire quilters in some small way.


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