Monday, August 24, 2009

Tip for Perfect Seams

Do you have trouble maintaining that perfect 1/4" even though you are using your 1/4" foot? With just a small foot to guide you, it may be hard to keep focused.

Try adding a piece of tape to your machine in front of the foot to help guide you. (I like the blue painter's masking tape that is so easy to see and removes without leaving a sticky residue on my machine.) Place the tape in line with the edge of the 1/4" foot. Use the tape as a guide to align your fabric in advance of your needle and you will have no more wobbles in your stitching.


  1. I move my needle so that stitching with the fabric at the edge of the foot gives me a 1/4 inch seam allowance, but what is nice about your suggestion is that it allows you to line up the fabric several inches before it gets to the needle--thanks for sharing.

  2. Moving the needle is another way to achieve a 1/4" seam and may work even better than a 1/4" foot on some machines. Sewing machines that have the ability to make wide decorative stitches have feed dogs further apart. The 1/4" foot almost misses the feed dog on the right and your fabric may have the tendency to feed through the machine unevenly.


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