Thursday, November 21, 2013

Is There a Penalty for Working on Too Many Projects at Once?

When you get creative, does it hit you a bit at a time? Or does it come? POW, SMASH YOU IN THE FACE POWERFUL?

How many projects can successfully be managed at one time?

I started out with a lovely hand-dyed scarf that I chose to embellish (check out The Art Quilt Blog for details.) This led to an idea for a quilt using the scarf. After finding fabric selections, they divided themselves into, not one, but two quilt ideas.

Now, not only is my design wall but my floor is covered with fabric, some of which is cut and starting to take shape.

The fabric search led to one pile of fabrics (put together but never used for a long forgotten project) that had more than I now need. My mind flies, of course. What can I do with the left-overs?

The next thing I'm doing is cutting this left-over fabric into strips. Out comes more stash fabric. It is getting a little hard to see the floor now as I step carefully across the room.

Oh no, now some of my left-overs have morphed into a second project.

Well, I really have to run now. My projects are shouting!!

1 comment:

  1. I would have to say the answer to your question is, "No!" I am loving where these are going!


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