Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Tulips "Springing" Up

In the year of the un-ending winter in central Wisconsin, I feel that my only option for seeing spring flowers is to fall back to those created from fabric.

These three-dimensional tulips are made on my serger using the rolled edge stitch. The background detail is created using a flat lock serger stitch. 

This pattern "Down the Pathway" can be found in my book, Serge and Merge Quilts.

On this dark day with the prediction of yet another snowfall, I have a bright and cheery garden inside my home.


  1. I love them! What a great idea! I also live in WI, but on the shores of Lake Michigan, so I know what you mean about the unending winter. I am currently working on a very liberated log cabin style block, not unlike the ones in your
    Freedom Quilt. I have been thinking of that quilt so much lately, and ever since you brought it to our guild in Manitowoc several years ago. I have always wanted to do my own and have never taken the time, but now I finally have! Trudy

  2. Thanks for your comments. I'm glad you finally had the opportunity to try your hand at making freedom log cabin blocks. I am also working on another freedom quilt and will show it shortly. I'd love to see your quilt, please send photos.

    Keep thinking spring.


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